SFSU Website

At online.sfsu.edu/~sharisax, you can check out my courses, resume, and my short story “The Invitation” [first half] and [second half]

2 Responses to “SFSU Website”
  1. Diego says:

    The Social Media Revolution (SMM) is changing the way big companies advertise, yet, I think that it is a “Hot Topic” that will last a couple of years only to then slow down its alert level and play a “Combo” role with TV advertising.
    I think that the SMM will replace all the junk advertising we get in our mails. Given the trend, companies are changing their business models to adapt to a more sort of “Green Image,” which would force companies to stop wasting tons of paper and instead use SMM as a medium.
    SMM has to its advantage the cyber and electronic addiction of young generations, who log on to Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google, etc. about 10 to 20 times per day. This addiction is what boosts the use of such applications, which also generates the word-of-mouth communication. Those factors combine with the recent increase in “Green Marketing,” lead me to believe that SMM and TV advertising would play a “Combo” role that would give companies the ability to inform, remind, and persuade prospective consumers.

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