Story on ethics for Sam’s Club “Source” magazine

Ethics story

2 Responses to “Story on ethics for Sam’s Club “Source” magazine”
  1. sharisax says:

    What makes your company unique? Is it an original product or service? Painstaking attention to detail? The utmost in customer service? Or is it, like one entrepreneur I spoke with recently, her ethics? Not exactly the answer one might expect from business people today, but certainly, in light of the well-publicized big company scandals these days, an answer that we need to be hearing from more and more professional people.

  2. Caroll Vongsouthi says:

    Speaking of Sam Club’s, honorable mention should be given to Sol Price,considered the pioneer of “warehouse retail” model and simply put an amazing man. He is the founder of FedMart and Price Club which emerged into Costco. He’s responsible for donating money and aiding into my neighborhood in San Diego (where he resided in the 1930s). I was apart of the Aaron Price Fellow program, he started in honor of his grandson who passed who from cancer. This program helped me become the person I am, encouraged me to go to college and dreams for the future. Check out all the amazing contributions the Price family has given countless people.

    Sam Walton of Wal-Mart wrote in his book that he borrowed ideas from Sol Price for his business. After dinning with Mr.Price, a year later the first Sam’s Club was opened Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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